Okay, I’m totally torn between 3 nail polish choices. Should I do:

1. Black matte nail polish with the blue glitter from the top picture?

2. Blue nail polish (this color) with the blue glitter from the top picture?

3. Purple nail polish (this color) with white polka dots like the bottom picture?

EDIT: I ended up going with #2 because the blue polish dries the quickest haha. My nails look very pretty. (:

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  1. dontwasteyourchances said: Black with blue glitter!
  2. simpleserendipityx answered: black with blue glitter!
  3. kyle-bourne answered: 3
  4. thelighttasteslikefondue said: Blue glitter! More shimmery, plus, you seem like the type to go for blue. :)
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